Did Rob Riches Fail a Drugs Test for Anavar? (Oxandrolone)

Did Rob Riches Fail a Drugs Test for Anavar? (Oxandrolone)

Rob Riches is one of the most influential “natural bodybuilders” in the fitness industry. For many years he’s preached about the importance of eating clean and training hard.

Many people look up to Rob as being very knowledgeable, especially in regards to nutrition. He is without doubt one of the most dedicated and hardest-working bodybuilders in the industry, winning several competitions including UKBFF, Musclemania and WBFF titles.

However, in 2013 he failed a drugs test shortly after competing in the UKBFF. Consequently he was suspended for 24 weeks and fined.

Many of his fans initially felt cheated, and speculated that he failed the test due to having anavar (oxandrolone) in his system. Some even nicknamed him ‘Roid Riches’.

Did Rob Riches Really Take Anavar?

It’s relatively easy for steroid-users to pass drug tests from federations which drug test on certain dates. In this case, competitors will take steroids and then cycle off, giving enough time for the steroid to clear out of their system for the test date. They can accurately predict when to do this based on a steroid’s half life.

Rob riches has competed in ‘natural federations’ before, where it would be very easy for anyone on steroids (with a brain) to pass. However, Rob’s also competed in several events which conduct random testing, such as UKBFF and BNBF. Such federations not only conduct multiple random tests, but also perform lie detectors making it almost impossible to pass such rigorous testing (on a regular basis). If you were to regularly juice throughout the year, the risk of getting caught would be high due to them visiting you out of the blue for a test.

This is why the athletes in legitimate natural competitions actually look natural. They may be big due to exceptional genetics; but they remain looking natural, without any visual steroid side effects; such as gyno/3d shoulders/cobra-like traps.

Rob Tested Positive For N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine

The only banned substance Rob Riches actually tested positive for was N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine, which is a stimulant. He was able to later prove that his pre workout supplement contained this – which they didn’t list in the ingredients.

The pre workout supplement company, Craze, were later sued; with the supplement being taken off the market – due to it containing this “meth-like substance”.

The FDA also warned that they’d begin a criminal investigation towards the owner of Craze.

So, it’s quite clear that Rob hadn’t taken anavar or any other anabolic steroids based on this test, and there is a lot of valid evidence to support his explanation.

Is It Likely That Rob Riches Took Steroids in the Past?

Just because Rob didn’t test positive for steroids during that test in 2013, it doesn’t mean he’s never taken anavar or other steroids.

However, the following evidence suggests Rob is natural.

rob riches

  • Never fluctuates in size
  • No steroid signs (on his body)

Never Fluctuates in Size

Ever since Rob first came on the scene, being sponsored by LA Muscle, he was already jacked. Over the years he’s merely improved his conditioning. He hasn’t put on a lot of muscle in the last decade and a half and is not fluctuating in size.

Steroid-users will suddenly blow up when they first start taking steroids, and every time they come off-cycle their body composition fluctuates, whether it’s losing some muscle size or gaining some fat. Rob never fluctuates drastically in size, staying ripped year-round. Thus his ability to stay lean 365 days a year looks to be the result of extreme dedication, rather than PED-use.

No Steroid Signs

Rob isn’t bald, he doesn’t have gyno, has no apparent health problems, no spots/acne and doesn’t have well-developed traps.

It’s almost certain that someone cycling steroids for decades would have at least one of these side effects.

Rob also has very mild vascularity, which shows that he has good levels of collagen in his skin. Many steroids significantly reduce collagen levels, leaving users with paper-thin skin and exceptional vascularity. Rob’s veins however are pretty well hidden. Low collagen also causes premature ageing, which Rob doesn’t have.


Rob was not found to be taking anavar, according to the drug test he underwent in 2013, or the many other tests he’s taken over the years. Neither have any other steroids or PED’s been found in his system.

So, the rumours of him being on var seem to be completely false. 

We also cannot find any signs of steroids by looking at his progress over the years, or by analysing his body.

Furthermore, the fact he’s taken part in random drug-testing events (with polygraph’s testing for life-time natty status), gives us enough confidence to believe Rob is telling the truth and that he’s a life-time natural bodybuilder.

What do you think – Is Rob natty or on steroids? Have your say in the comments box below!

John McDonald

John McDonald

John has over 8 years experience taking anavar and other PEDs. He knows the ins and outs when it comes to buying oxandrolone (from pharmaceutical and underground labs).
John McDonald

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