7 Athletes Who Were Caught Taking Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Oxandrolone (anavar) is not only a favourite steroid among gym-goers looking to get into great shape, but also among professional athletes. For the unaware, yes athletes do use steroids such as anavar (and other AAS) whilst competing. Some get caught and others get lucky…or are pals with the right people.

Anavar is a powerful steroid for increasing lean muscle mass, strength and reducing body fat. It also helps expel water from the body, enabling an athlete to be stronger and lighter.

Due to its host of benefits, there’s no wonder some athletes are utilizing oxandrolone to get an edge on their competition. Here are the ones who tested positive for, or admitted to using anavar, during their athletic careers.

  1. Yuriy Bilonoh
  2. Svetlana Krivelyova
  3. Natalie Newhart
  4. Ben Johnson
  5. Elia Navarro Garcia
  6. Alexander Shlemenko
  7. Mia St John

Yuriy Bilonoh

yuriy bilonoh

In 2004, during the Athens Olympics Games, Ukrainian athlete Yuriy Bilonoh came 1st in the shot put. He passed his drugs test and took a gold medal home for his country. However, 8 years later his drug test was re-analysed, with the doping committee finding oxandrolone in his system, resulting in him being stripped of his medal.

Svetlana Krivelyova

russian athlete

Russian Olympic athlete, Svetlana Krivelyova, also competed in the shot put during the 2004 Athens games. The IOC said Svetlana was found to have oxandrolone metabolites in her system, 8 years after winning her bronze medal.

She responded by saying she wouldn’t be giving her medal back, as they’d only give it to the 5th place competitor (who wasn’t drug tested).

Natalie Newhart

natalie newhart

Natalie Newhart tested positive for taking anavar during the 2013 cross-fit games. In a heart-felt response on her blog, she revealed that it was a difficult decision to take the drug, and something she never envisioned herself doing – until things got desperate.

She said she was aware of other athletes doping and thus her intention was to create a “level playing field”.

She shared what it was like to take anavar, saying she became leaner and her strength increased significantly (enhancing her performance). She also admitted her downfall was not having a plan to pass any tests, and thus just left it to chance. She was subsequently suspended for 2 years.

Ben Johnson

ben johnson

Ben Johnson, the Jamaican born/Canadian sprinter, won a gold medal in the 100m during the Seoul Olympic Games (1988), beating his own world record and setting a new PR of 9.79 seconds. 3 days later he was stripped of his medal after a drug test showed stanozolol in his system. Oxandrolone metabolites were also shown to be present in the report.

This caused controversy, as Johnson and his coach claimed he was set up. They admitted to him taking anabolic steroids, but not taking stanozolol. Johnson’s coach said that Ben didn’t like stanozolol, as it made him feel “tight”, thus he opted for furazabol instead.

3 decades later, after Ben Johnson won gold, there’s new evidence to support his and his coach’s claims. It’s obvious now that Ben Johnson’s test was tampered with, with important contents being deleted and notes suggesting the committee didn’t know what steroid was in Johnson’s system.

Elia Navarro Garcia

Elia Navarro Garcia

Elia Navarro Garcia is a jacked Spanish cross-fit athlete who was suspended from competing in 2015, after a test showed oxandrolone to be in her system.

Elia declined to appeal the ban.

Looking at the size of her quads and her incredibly thick abs, we’d be surprised if it was just anavar she was taking. An incredible female physique and another example of how popular anavar is among women.

Alexander Shlemenko


In February 2015, Alexander Shlemenko, a russian MMA fighter, tested positive for oxandrolone. He had the one of the highest testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratios ever recorded in a drugs test – being 50:1.

He was initially fined $10,000 and suspended for 3 years. However, a court later ruled that he should only pay $5,000 and only be suspended until the end of his fighting license (Feburary 2016). Alexander still denies taking any anabolic steroids.

Mia St John

mia st john

Female boxer Mia St John was a Super welterweight and lightweight champion. Mia wasn’t actually caught taking anavar, but shockingly admitted to using the steroid once her career finished.

She claimed “Everyone does it (uses steroids) and everyone in boxing knows it”. She also admitted to using deca and winstrol too.

St John said that she used masking agents and other tricks to help her go undetected throughout her career.

John McDonald

John McDonald

John has over 8 years experience taking anavar and other PEDs. He knows the ins and outs when it comes to buying oxandrolone (from pharmaceutical and underground labs).
John McDonald

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