Buyanavar.today is a free information-based website to help educate people about oxandrolone (anavar). We do not encourage people to use illegal steroids. However, we may link to safe and legal supplements on our site. All supplements we link to will be FDA approved to ensure maximum safety for our readers.

We simply inform people about the pros and cons of anavar and where bodybuilders get it from. Thus this website should be treated as a learning resource.

If people become more knowledgeable about powerful and potentially dangerous compounds – this can only be a good thing.

Why Should You Trust Our Content?

This website is run by John Mcdonald. John has taken anavar for almost a decade and understands a lot about AAS. Many people who want to learn about anavar online are beginners and thus could profit from John’s wealth of experience on this topic matter.

Founder – John McDonald

john mcdonald

John has taken various AAS and wanted to create this website about one of his favourite anabolic steroids. With all of the misinformation being spread around the internet regarding potentially dangerous steroids like – anavar. He thought he’d create his own website as a chance to share his knowledge and experience.


Will you create more websites in the future to share your knowledge on other steroids?

Yes, this is something in the pipeline as we speak 🙂

Is Anavar Safe?

Ultimately it depends what you mean by safe. Is it FDA approved for human consumption? No, it’s a banned substance. Which ultimately speaks volumes. However, doctors do prescribe oxandrolone to patients, so the truth is somewhere in the middle. It’s not safe, but if taken in low enough doses for short periods of time, the risks are pretty low (especially for long-term side effects).

I want to take Var but I’m short on money, what should I do?

Don’t take it 🙂 Most of anavar’s benefits (in terms of fat loss) can be achieved naturally through your diet anyway. So if you learn how to do a proper cut, you’ve just saved yourself a load of $$$.

Why don’t you write a book?

There are awesome books already out there that are better than what I could write.

Check out William Llewellyn’s Anabolics. It covers everything you need to know about anavar and other PEDs. You can get it on Kindle here, or you can order the book here.

If I send you my stash, can you tell me if it’s real?

I don’t do this, however if you want to check if you’ve got the real thing you can do a PH test or order a testing kit from Roidtest.com. However, the best way to know you’ve got the real deal is to get pharmaceutical graded AAS.

Where can I contact you to ask questions?

You can leave a comment on a page here, or you can contact me at masha_sep89 AT mail DOT ru

(Please add the “@” and “.” in the correct spaces, I’ve written it like this to reduce spam to my inbox).